Film School

Gain vs Faders in recorders [Sound] (5)
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Film Set Safety 101 - Official Discussion [Directing] (15)
Determining rate for working with commercial production companies [Industry] (4)
Recording 101: Microphones - OFFICIAL DISCUSSION ( 2 ) [Sound] (35)
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HitFilm vs. Premiere [VFX] (11)
Sound cart on location [Sound] (8)
'Til Death Do Us Apart [Critique Me!] (1)
VFX Help Cause I Know Nothing [VFX] (7)
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Living With Roommates (Failed Comedy Sketch) [Critique Me!] (3)
3 (or 4) act structure - could you explain it me, please?! [Writing] (5)
The Justice League (Short Film) [Critique Me!] (2)
Filmmaking Real talk [Film School] (11)
Getting The "Thinking" Sound [Sound] (5)
When to add music to Short FIlm [Film School] (2)
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My Friends Trailers (The Link Didn't Show Up For The Last One) [Critique Me!] (2)
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