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My Slender Man Short Film (Trailer) (2)
I made a music video! (1)
Backpacking with friends (1)
Remastering my first video (4)
Swimming in yosemite (1)
Hiking through 3 waterfalls (1)
Wanna See My Scary Face? | (Testing some horror VFX) (1)
Comedy Sketch - CLONES ON THE COUCH! (3)
First take on vlogging // YOSEMITE ROAD TRIP (4)
Spica's Stuffs (5)
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Salvage [48hours short film] (1)
Need help with school project (5)
Cliff Jumping in Crater Lake (3)
It Is Not the Critic Who Counts (2)
Skateboarding's Been Fun, A film TEN YEARS in the making (1)
Melter - the Golem (music video BTS) (5)
Grief Encounters by Luke Chueh (1)
I worked with the guys from Fallout : Project Brazil! (3)
Unaware that I'm in a Horror Film (1)
I made a 90s Parody Commercial - 'If DLC Existed In the 90s' (7)
Tales from the Ether- Horror Action Comedy (4)
I am in Oliver the musical (1)
Make the Cut - Believer (Adobe Premiere Pro editing contest) (11)
Khronos Studios show and tell (a colaboration between four rocketjump fans) ( 2 3 4 5 ) (86)
That Night (Short Sketch) (2)
I am making a Cook book for Mothers day (1)
I have finished my Rocket Jump topic (4)