100 day challenge


Not really sure where this would go but I figured I could put it here and if it needs to move I can always repost it. Lately I’ve been in a bit of creative rut and I was talking to a drawing friend of mine that is on day 25 of a 100 day draw challenge and that sounded pretty neat. My issue is when I try to look one for film it’s always a movie list of watching one a day. I also looked into a couple of drawing challenges but some of the items on the lists dont translate well to making a film. The last is that I think if I and friends/fellow filmmakers compile the list, I will feel more inclined to try and complete it because otherwise why would I ask everyone to waste their time.

So here’s what I’m thinking. I am (at the moment) a zero budget filmmaker who works lone wolf style. So what I’m thinking is everyone who reads this just post a single word or phrase that a short video can be about. It can range from just abstract brainstorm things like emotions or soemthing as simple as “water” or it can be something that would be a mechanic or building block for filmmaking skills, like “dutch angle”.

My goal is to come up with 100 things (maybe more) and compile them into a list and start making a video every day. Maybe I can even start a google docs list thing so others could try and do the challenge.

I’ll start the juices flowing with item one:

  1. Introduction/Hello


Sounds groovy, I’ll keep tossing in ideas

#2 Silent film

(PS. This sounds almost like a game, everyone in turn add a word/technique/style/theme. You could move it under community games)


#3) Jumping

Must… be… 15… characters… to… post…


#4 reverse

post… to… characters… 15… be… must…


5 A chase

The film opens with a man running from a mysterious thing etc.


6 Close ups only

A tense short film with only close ups.


#7 dutch angle

It ain’t much without a touch of Dutch


8 Slow Zoom
Great effect when used well (e.g “Mad Men”)


#9 fire

Lots of things you could do, you could use fire thematically or shoot something with fire as a source of light (or try to make it look that way without actual fire)


10: Best Day Ever!

Don’t try too hard to make 1 per day If you don’t feel like it, it would be hella lot of work.

I also moved the topic to community games, I may want to participate btw


#11 pan

Talking about the camera move, not Peter.


12 Music
A heck of a lot of planing and mixing :slight_smile:


Thanks for all the wonderful suggestions I went a head and started a google docs and added some stuff based on suggestions form other friends outside of the forum so we are now up to 33. Well, 32 items listed, 33 is blank. I’ve also made it so that any one with the link can suggest edits to add to the list. I figured making a list that could be shared would be helpful.


#13 Element
#14 Color
#15 Magic
#16 Friend
#17 Interest
#18 Silence
#19 Mirror
#20 Depth of Field
#21 Forced Perspective
#22 Space
#23 Tool
#24 Alone
#25 Lost
#26 Old
#27 New
#28 Games
#29 Hero
#30 Travel
#31 Slide
#32 Timelapse

(A little recap from where we can pick up the game/suggestions again)


#33 Water


34. Slow Motion

Thank you jasper for the recap (sorry was pretty tired last night.) This is actually kind of a fun game.


#35 Friendship


36 Wrath

15 charas


#37 Electricity
Could be quite a shocking result


38 Pudding

Because I f***ing like pudding, okay?