3 (or 4) act structure - could you explain it me, please?!


At the moment, I plan a superhero series. I think to use the three (or four) act structure. But before you start nagging. I googled and read a lot. However, I still have a big, red question mark above my head! (By the way, the idea: Descendants (or kids, who have an important event (e.g. an accident)) go to a superhero high school. Besides learning, they have to “survive” the daily problem of a normal kid.) Could you explain it me, please?


Oh is it going to be anything like sky high? It has the same premise


@Jasper_Cloud More or less. But with pg-13. And more innovation.


Sure man, imagine a mountain: there are ups, and there are downs. The first act is where a protagonist is introduced along with the struggle they must face. The second act is the climax point, where all the action happens and the drama ensues. After this there is a hopeless point where audiences lose all hope, and then the story ties itself together in the third act, the protagonist gets what they want (or doesn’t), and everything combines in a reasonable, comprehensive and cohesive way.