A list of VFX-Tutorial Suggestions


Hi Guys,

we all love the stuff Rocketjump is doing. And some of us want to know how they did it. Freddie said it himself: "We´re mostly known for VFX stuff" (Knife Guyz BTS if I remember it right). So post suggestions for VFX-Tutorials here, Maybe we´ll get some new ones, especially some more specific tutorials, which you cant find out there!

Sincerely Strikefox


My number 1 place to go to for anything after effects is Video Copilot. You can find all sorts of cool & interesting stuff on there.


Please do let us know if there’s some effect you all are just dying to see. I’ll be keeping an eye on this thread to see what you come up with.

I also want to second what @NotADoctor recommended, which is Video Copilot for specific After Effects tutorials. Their tutorials are fantastic, that’s their specialty, and they’re a bunch of great folks. Good stuff!

We’re definitely going to get into more VFX over at RocketJump Film School–I was just hanging out with Lauren on the set of Dimension404 yesterday and she was shooting a VFX lesson with PlayFight VFX’s Will Chang–but over the next chunk of our development we’re probably going to focus more on the “why”/“what” than the “how” of effects (though we’ll obviously have to go there some as well). That said, if there’s a RocketJump effect you’re all clamoring to see broken down, we’ll find some way to make it happen!


As @NotADoctor said, video copilot is easily the best place to learn VFX with a well structured process that takes you from “intro into After Effects” to “Cinema-Grade Effects” over the series.

Aside from that, I would recommend giving Film Riot a look. They are not specifically VFX-based, but they use some solid techniques in their videos and they provide a good breakdown of their effects. I think the most valuable thing from their tutorials is that they are often short and to the point, but they also break down WHY they made those choices and the thought process into how they went about the effect as they did. This is an important aspect of a VFX artist that often gets missed in simple “how-to” videos, as that becomes more about copying the values rather than learning the process.


@NotADoctor and Luke_Nicolaou_DP
The number one address for AfterFX tutorials is of cause VideoCopilot,And Filmriot does indeed an amazing job teaching people the basics of filmmaking and editing. But as I said this is a thread for specific, Rocketjump-related VFX tutorials

First: Yaaay a new lesson
Second: The "How " is indeed less important than the “Why”, but there are less known techniques or tricks, which artists learned in their career.


My apologies, I misread the OP and thought you were asking for VFX tutorial suggestions, not providing them haha.


@Strikefox definitely agree. Let us know what you want to see!


Maybe an overview of situations,in which Visual FX are useful/can be used (some of them are of cause obvious)
or a tutorial on shooting a VFX-scene.
Or something completely different: Avoiding VFX shots by using different techniques (Sound Effects, Filming Shadows or other ways, i dont know)
Maybe an overview of your production-pipeline…


You’re in luck. We have a video coming about working on-set with VFX to make sure that what you shoot fits your FX needs when you’re in post. Keep an eye out for that.

What did you think (be honest!) of our VFX Core Concept video? Did you feel like something was missing? Would you have wanted it done differently?

One more question: what do you mean by “production pipeline”? Do you want to know how digital footage is handled after it gets out of the camera? Do you want to know about stages of post-production? Something else?


Sorry for not replying! Have been busy the last two weeks.
Well first: I really liked this one (VFX Xore Concepts 101), it showed the parts, that lead to the whole effect and explained them really well. What I disliked, was the order (eg. compositing comes last).

By production-pipeline I mean the way you create your shorts from start to finish in post(Cut->transfer to AE/NUKE, while creating models etc). How your workflow looks like, how you store your media etc.

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Got it! Well we can definitely do a video about how WE do that. Everybody does this sort of stuff differently, however, so it might make more sense for us to do that as a main channel BTS since it’s less of a “here’s a core concept” video.


I really really want to see how to make a vfx shot on how to crush a car (lets say like the one punch man shot) or after an explosion