A love letter to smoking



Here’s my newest film. It’s an art film about smoking. I hope you’ll like it or at least you’ll find it interesting… :smiley: :wink: Any thoughts @Jasper_Cloud, @Kevin_Senzaki?

Maxi Szili


Hey Maxi,

Really cool video; I enjoyed it a lot! I love that it continues the abstract and somewhat ambiguous qualities present in your previous video, but I feel like this one was more successful in terms of clarity (even if it’s intentionally abstract or vague). You did a great job of transforming normal places into the surreal, and I particularly loved the stop motion-like bit around 1:10 to 1:24. The simplistic digital paint bits fit in nicely too!

My one technical question has to do with the frame rate of your footage and project session; everything had a choppy quality to it, and I’m wondering if that was intentional? On some shots, like the opening close-ups of cigarettes or the act of lighting the cigarette, the choppiness felt distracting to me. I’m wondering if your footage and project session were set to different frame rates or something, possibly causing the stuttering quality?

Great work; thanks for sharing!


Some cool use of lighting and sound. Along with the choppy-nes it created a surreal, almost scary atmosphere. The makeup felt a little cheap though, when it first came on I really like the effect, but in the full light it just seemed a bit tacky. I think a more visceral look could have been created with very little extra effort and resources.


Thank you so much!

Yeah, I’m sorry, I know it was choppy, because the camera I used can’t record in constant frame rate. But I bought a new camera, so it won’t be a problem in my next projects. :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile: