A short film I made all by myself in one day about anxiety



Take my advice with a grain of salt, but it’s here if you want it.

Not a bad film! (Especially considering it was done in one day). I liked the fairy light/ solar system thing you had going for his dream like state.

In terms of story I might have started getting bored about halfway through as it felt like almost both halves of the film were exactly the same (e.g repetitive shots, dialogue), but I understand the film wasn’t really about story at all but more so a piece on anxiety. Just try to keep this in mind though as people can get bored very quickly so the more “new” things you give them to watch/hear, the longer they’ll stay engaged.

Overall it seems like most of your problems could be solved if you turned 1 day into 3 and just spent as much time as possible planning out the best way to tell your story.

Keep up the good work!