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Cool, cool, cool.

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This is a cool thing:




This is a cool thing: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wZStU4RRGYY  Neato!

My Friends Trailer
My Friends Trailers (The Link Didn't Show Up For The Last One)
Invisible Man short film + VFX breakdown
Wagon Tales Episode 1

I’m kinda proud of this one considering that we shot this for about an hour, but definitely not our best. Would be interesting to see feedback.

Thanks in advance

Short Film - Bully on Bully

I made this for my YouTube Channel, Would love some feedback. Any Suggestions?

Purpose - Short FIlm

Well done! It tells a story. That’s the most important thing.

I am still learning as well but here are some tips on what I saw. Maybe work on lighting, work on exposure when shooting, and mess with color grading… you have some nice cinematography in there. Nice rack focus on the flower as well! I love the vase character and how you filmed him turning around and shaking. The audio isnt bad either. Honestly just keep at it man. Great job! :sunglasses:


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