Acting and Auditions


Sorry to create a new thread where one may have already existed, but the interwebz is hard.

As a fan of Rocket Jump from when it was just a video and people were sure Halo 3 would end the series, I have always wanted to find an opportunity to put any of my entertainment qualities into action.

You may think this is where I start to list my qualities, but it’s not. I was totes magoats super psyched to hear that Rocket Jump was doing a curriculum, but saddened by the lack of information on acting or finding audition opportunities.

I figured there may be something coming up, but for the sake or making my presence known I figured it couldn’t hurt to potential be the first to ask and receive an answer many people in the community may be silently muttering.


How do I find auditions for you, bro?
Web Auditions/Skype calls?
Can I has job?
Inquire for details regarding proficiency, experience, and skill sets.
wat? I just wants da opportunities.
You guys rock…et jump! See what I did there?


Thanks for the enthusiasm, but unfortunately the forums here are public, and it’s not a space for contacting about professional business. However: