Acting for Rocket Jump


I was wondering if there will ever be an opportunity for me or any community member here to have a major, minor or extra part in any Rocket Jump shows??


The last big one was extras for the crowd scenes in VGHS Season 3. Announcements are made via social media when these kinds of opportunities crop up! Speaking parts are usually cast conventionally/professionally.


How do you find out about professional auditions??


Without speaking authoritatively on it (I’m not first-hand involved in the process), you’d realistically have the best luck as a working actor in the greater Los Angeles area with an agent (though not all actors have been from LA, I’d assume they were connected via their representation). As far as being able to jump in as a background or extra, being in LA is a huge plus - the announcements can be pretty last-minute, and usually come out via Twitter.


Thanks, I’m from New Zealand. Does that cut off my chance for everything?


I think the more important thing I’d like to make clear is that RJ loves being open and communicating with the fan community - that’s one of the greatest parts of the job - but we’re also ultimately a professional company, and while I love giving my thoughts and advice on how the film industry works, the forums aren’t for explicitly soliciting work from RJ. If you’re inspired to get into acting, it’s an absolute honor to be part of something that inspires you, but keep in mind it’s a serious career. If your question is more in line if RJ solicits cameos, we typically don’t outside of the aforementioned opportunities and the occasional crowdfunding perk with VGHS.


Who should I talk to or where should I go to inquire about the acting side of things??


If there’s any local theater groups, etc. in your area, that’s probably the easiest place to start, or (assuming you’re a student) see if there’s any drama programs. There’s nothing like learning by doing, so find out what’s immediately available around you and try to start from there!


Your best bet is to look for Talent Agencies. They’ll get you the work.

Casting directors generally reach out to these agencies for the types of people they’re looking for, and the agencies forward this info on to their clients.


can i talk to anyone thats online?