Adding a music category


So we have movies, podcasts, video games and a whole bunch of industry stuff but why not a place to discuss music?


I like this idea! Love music / show tunes :smiley:


I actually brought this up to our lovely Supreme Ruler/Overlord Danny about 7 months ago. The reason we don’t have a music category is simply that we don’t talk about music enough to warrant one.

Start more threads related to music, and I’ll bring the subject up again if I see a need. In the mean time, you can stick music topics in the ever helpful “Uncategorized” category. Thanks!


How about a thread detailing music to be used in videos as background audio? I know there’s a lot of royalty free stuff out there (like at or something) but what if we want to produce our own sample tracks? Is there a site or program that any of the Rocketjump staff recommends for creating layered audio for music?


I think that already exists? @Nick am I wrong?