Advice on script planning?


I am looking for some advice on scripting and planning for a short film I’m working on this summer.


What exactly are you struggling with? How long do you want the short to be? Do you have any experience with scriptwriting at all?

Some general things when looking at scripting and planning are thus:
When following universal script formatting you’ll end up with 1 page of script equating to approximately 1 minute of screen time. So a ten page script will end up as ten minute short film, give or take a little.

On average, with good planning, especially with little experience (and also depending on the complexity of your scenes) you’ll be able to shoot 3-4 pages on one shooting day. So for a ten minute short you’ll probably need at least 3 days to shoot. (Again planning is a very important influence on this).

For every day of shooting, a week of preparation (preproduction) is average. But this is of course a pretty loose standard as every shoot is different. If all you need is your brother as an actor, an empty parking lot and your phone to film on, there’s obviously not a lot of preproduction to do.

Lastly for post production, if your editor has any sense of what he’s doing he’ll probably be able to edit 2-3 minutes of film a day.

Let us know what exactly you want to know and I or someone else might be able to give some more concrete advice.


I’m looking for the script to be about 15-20 pages, so slightly over the average length of an average short film