Are online paid film courses worth it?


I’ve been hearing a lot about professional online courses for filmmaking, such as Skillshare or Master Class. While I can find a lot of good tutorials online, these courses seem to be very professional and structured. Do I need them to learn filmmaking though? Is it really possible to find all the educational resources I need for free online?


If a course helps you a certain amount it’s worth it, if it doesn’t it’s not. I think these courses are somewhere in between attending school and digging through an immense amount of information online to learn the same stuff. And that could work for you and you could take away a lot from it.

I’ve been hearing good stuff about the master classes and I believe @SzPeti42 did one (though that was music right? Hans zimmer?).
For what I’ve been hearing they’re pretty good and it’s of course great to be taught by someone you look up to.

I think, if you’ve got the money for it, an investment in your own education isn’t usually at all a bad one. But you’ve got to make the decision for yourself, whether you think it’ll benefit you enough or if free info on the interweb and real life practise can satisfy your drive to learn.


Oh yeah, I did the Hans Zimmer Masterclass. It was basically a structured window into Zimmer’s workflow, methodology, how he deals with the challenges, it was full of useful stuff on the producing, and communication side of film scoring. Know what you’re getting into, look at all the info on the course, so you can have the best understanding going in. This Zimmer MC for example was about film scoring in general, so not a music theory/traditional composing course. You won’t learn how to read or orchestrate with it in a few weeks, but it gives you a great deal of high quality info on how to actually talk to directors/producers, what questions should you ask, how to get the story-backbone of the film and then what his process on tackling it is, how to pace it, how to calculate tempo, and some direct examples on his thought process from Frost/Nixon, Batman, Sherlock, Pirates and a few others. But you won’t learn that the Mixolydian b2 mode with low strings and high piano is great for earie John Williams-esque thriller sound.

You won’t recieve any paper or diploma from a MC, I think it’s more for a quick example-heavy information overload from their respecting careers. so if you’re looking for “proper” education I would still prefer a school course. I don’t know about filmmaking per se, but on composing, you can find some great and massively educational Youtube channels/articles just randomly searching the web. Or if MC is too expensive, maybe look for something that has a trial period and see for yourself. I got the HZ as a gift for Christmas :smiley:


What does a Mixolydian b2 mode with low strings and high piano sound like?