Are Ya'll Thinking of Adding This Plugin?


Figured this would be a nice addition not sure if you guys haven’t already started looking into it. Was just doing some research and came across this.


Sweet find! This is what I love about Discourse and its open source nature / ecosystem. People can just get in there and create new stuff. That’s awesome!

I’ll keep my eye on it to see where it goes, but for now this plugin is very “alpha,” very “early days.” Especially since Discourse still doesn’t have any explicit compatibility checks, and because the Babble plugin integrates directly into the forums and changes some things irrevocably, I’d be hesitant to integrate this sort of thing until a) Babble is “finished,” b) Discourse puts in compatibility/dependency checks on plugins, and c) there is proof that Babble has a dedicated community that will continue to support it.

Long term support is often the downfall of potentially cool open source projects. The flipside: if you like this and think it’s cool, you can contribute to help keep it alive!


Just saw it and figured I’d pitch it to ya’ll. I totally get it and since there wasn’t a chat for RJ (that I’ve seen) yet it’d be cool add-on. Thanks for the reply though :smiley:


Definitely! Don’t hold back. We love cool ideas.


Alright well I’ll keep my eye out for chat add-ons/plugins if ya’ll want cause I do a lot of research in that department :thumbsup: :smile:


Ok I’m sorry but you guys HAVE to add this in this is like a forum essential I’m sorry but yeah.

And maybe this one

Also this may suit you guys better than the babble pluggin.


So, I think the spoiler alert one is really useful, but there’s no need to rate topics.


Yeah I was kind of thinking that myself but it might be nice for the threads in the Self promotion category or showing off projects since you can append that attribute to a single category as far as I can tell :slight_smile:


Yep, but why would you want a rating when you could get an awesome, complete and useful review ? :slight_smile:

And I’m afraid that rating could introduce competition.


It’s just a suggestion it’s really a matter of personal opinion and personality but you do have a good case there.