Aussies in the RJ Community!


Hey guys, just joined the community and am looking to get into some discussions.
Looking for fellow Australians in this community.


Melbourne Filmakers

Hmmm I know @NotADoctor and @MrSeljestad are at least.


Yep, there are a few aussies on here, there used to be a guy called EpsionGamma who was also on here. I’m not sue if/ when he will return however…


I’m British does that count?


eh, close enough.
The only difference is the amount of bogans, the accents and the weather.


Haha, I wouldn’t say that “counts” at all!

With that logic, everyone who lives in the Western world could be considered Australian:
“Ah, you’ve just got a different accent, a different culture and you live in a different country, I guess you’re Australian.”


I am Mexican I just broke you logic or saying Docs statement means those who live in the Western world! ha! I win hahaha


I can’t tell exactly what you’re trying to say, but my point was that just because someone speaks English [as most do in Western Countries], it doesn’t mean that their culture, society and traditions are the SAME as someone else’s who also speaks English. Would you consider Australians and Americans to be the same? NO.

Anyways Jake, it looks like you speak english, do you have an accent that’s different to mine? I guess that means you’re Australian too now.

ANYWAYS, I don’t want to get in any arguments, I started this topic to see how many Australian’s are in the community, not to debate on what an Australian is.


The point i was trying to make, is that England and Australia are somewhat similar. Having been in England myself earlier this year, it’s only a lot of small differences that really makes the big difference, i was just listing some examples.


They’re different cultures dude. Got a few mates who have moved from England and I would say that they were initially very different before acclimatising - there’s a distinct difference between their old and new selves.

Even America and Australia have many similarities [being western countries, with democracy, technology, freedom, English as a primary language, etc.], however their communities and societies are distinctly different. The people in all these countries have different upbringings, environments and traditions, these things alone are enough to distinguish them from those who live overseas.

Sure Australia may have been shaped initially by England’s legal system and their cultures, but I think it’s fair to say that at this point the two are quite unique. Over there, the Monarchy is a big deal, not really in Australia. Our traditions and ideologies are pretty unique and I can’t understand how you could say that Australian’s and British are the “close enough” to being the same.

Anyways man, this’ll be my last post regarding this discussion. Didn’t want to get into any arguments, joined the community to talk about movies and video games for gods sake. Your initial comment just confused me.

It’s cool, no grudges?


yeah, just a miscommunication :smile:.
I think you pretty much wrapped it up there.


Haha cool man,

Anyways, what part of Australia are you in?


south east coast. just south of Sydney


Ah cool. I’m down in Melbourne. :smile:


Wandered across this thread…

Canberra reppin’!


This Sydney hostage situation is crazy!

I’m also a fellow Australian, born in South Australia and been living in Queensland for about 11 years now. Actually @teejones I was just in Melbourne for a Volleyball competition, quite a nice city.

I only joined the forums a few days ago since I got back from Melbourne.


I’m a New Zealander so does that count? Living Auckland atm. Only a few thousand km…

And yes it is mad! Scary that it is so close to home. Like it sounds a bit wrong but it is so much more real when it happens in the heart of peaceful western countries…


Yeah dude, this ‘Siege’ is pretty intense. You hear about this stuff happening overseas a fair bit but when its within your own country I guess it hits a bit harder. Got a friend whose dad cancelled a meeting in the building where all this shit is going down - he would have been there when it started… I guess you’d call that lucky.

Anyways, good to see this thread back in action, maybe I’ll create another thread for ‘Australian’ based discussions.
Glad you liked Melbourne - Queensland’s a sweet place too!


Hey guys, Australian living in New Zealand here! Born and raised in Geelong, represent


It was a pretty intense day, my sentiments go to those involved.