Aussies in the RJ Community!


Just curious, how is the film industry in your states?
I don’t know if you guys are freelancers, working for a company or if it’s just a hobby but I’m just wondering where the industry shines best in Australia. I’m starting a bachelor of film next month and want to know more about getting a job as an editor or any role in the industry.


From what I can tell, Melbourne is pretty good for Editing/VFX work. Not sure about other cities in other states but there are quite a lot of established companies in Melb. For example, ‘iloura’ is an animation/vfx company based in Melbourne that has worked on ‘Ted’, ‘The Wolverine’ and other fairly big projects.

Just use Google to get a basic idea of how dominant the film/production industry is in each state. Search for companies and businesses and see how ‘mainstream’ or interesting their work is.


Wow thanks for the information! I’m moving to Melbourne next year and I’m looking to get into the VFX industry


Revival of the Aussies!

I’m in Queensland - on the Sunshine Coast. Apparently there are very few film peoples here - or so it seems.

I will find some though… someday.


I’m doing a Bachelor of Film actually about 7 weeks into it at the moment :slight_smile:


I’m curious, what area in film are you into?


All areas :slight_smile:

I mostly enjoy writing, directing and editing.

I have a love/hate relationship with VFX (mostly love) and I recently tried out some sound mixing and quite enjoyed it.


Queen Islands is really close to the beautiful Great Barrier Reef-Yes??? Do you ever take killer underwater photos or video shots???

–sorry with what happened few years back with american military jets overhead and barrier reef; I hope reef has recovered… :confused: : I really hope they are still preserving and protecting it; as so awesome! :slight_smile:

I only wish they would protect the Caribbean reefs as much (east and west); as tourists so tear them all up…


The Great Barrier Reef is off the coast of Queensland, but it’s a bit of a distance from where I am, so I haven’t been before.

Would like to go one day though.


Always wanted to visit Barrier Reef, as well as see Sydney-Melbourne Art culture all around Aussie…also like to visit Indonesia (Borneo) for Orangutan preservations one day, or even go to New Zealand to see the faboulous WETA company-hahahahahahaha…thats what i dream for- Yeah!

just curious, what is that famous and huge statue in aussie with the bucket and that was a famous outlaw?
and what is Perth like ???


Sydney and Melbourne are nice, but haven’t been to Perth before. Also would love to go visit WETA and see all the LotR locations.

Not sure what statue you’re referring to, but you might be talking about Ned Kelly?


Yeah, that was it Ned Kelly… :dog2: It was like a 50 ft statue- really cool.I am so amazed by all the Art works that are all around Austrillia with local populations and local artists-It really is awesome! as well as reassuring that you can travel almost anywhere over there and find so much art by general population/s… :sunglasses:

I am big into history,folklore, fairy tales(Grimm bros. type), and ancient stories. that is why he interested me so much…I hope to one day intergrate some stories into some cool games…

Just curious what is your background in (freelancer,photography, video, etc…) ???


I like photography and started to get interested in it a couple of years ago. I quickly took an interest in videography soon after though and that pretty much took over. It interests me a lot more than still photography now.

It’s just a hobby for me though, as is writing and editing and the rest of the filmmaking process. My job is a web developer, so I just work on films in my spare time for myself. Haven’t done any paid gigs or anything - it’s just personal art for me, not a job.

What about you? What areas are you interested in?


That’s cool! Who is your favorite writier??? that takes a special talent… Wish i had taken more photography classes… lighitng is my biggest krypto-hahahahahaha…but web site design has to be interesting in meeting clients-companies…

I am actually into dvd-gaming rentals (non-commercial) for vendors and such (grocery stores-video outlets,etc…)…and have been getting into 3D and technology for some time now…I am actually finding more VFX and 3D experiences, as i have been progressing towards gaming development in software and technology…

Short reels kind of interest me, as i have looked more at VFX for commercials for my business…Its a learning process, like anything…but there is some really cool stuff out there…other then that, my main interest is mainly Art, Art,Art…wanting to travel more,as well as tormenting writers with bad fragmented sentences-hahahahaha…(please excuse fast typing errors) I edit a lot…/cool stuff.


Yeah I also need to learn more about lighting. It’s the one type of gear I’m missing.

Game development has always interested me, though the amount of work and time required can be off-putting. Especially when trying to do it all yourself.

I guess in that sense it’s a bit like filmmaking, though it’s probably easier to take on multiple roles for a film than to make a game. There’s a world of difference between programming and modelling etc.

Would like to see some of your VFX work if you have something to show.


Your right on the nose about time for gaming… I am actually piping most of the stuff for the first 3 games, (including some IOS and (AI) Illustrator graphic stuff as well). It really helps! Right now,I do all my work through my artists (freelancers), and my perm. employees for my gaming start-up…Its all Exclusive Contracts (work for hire) in Gaming stuff though. I am doing this until i get licenses/software and mainframes nailed down perm. for me and my company; as well as to get (awesome) work for hire artists as perm hires…Basically, so we can start designing and hiring totally from the ground up in 2d/3d designs as well as games…Its a process; but a good one… .

The VFX, yeah i’'ll post as soon as i get it done. I am just getting back into all this, as been working 2 jobs and taking care of my grandmother for the last 2-3 years; and just mainly been studying 2D/3D rigging, rendering,and some building… so with VFX, you probably won’t see something for about 2-3 months; but i can gladly post updates in fx stuff, as “I love special effects”.:smile: I am just trying to get the most professional reel,i can; so i can use it later; like say using it with local Art and Design students, to bring them in, as well as maybe to have something to build off of (maybe in a game or other)… /Going for a Grey Aliens short story type reel…

How about you? what kind of story, or stories interest you in film? or what really interests you in the film making process? Have you ever made reels or shorts? just curious-its all good… :movie_camera:


I love good storytelling - not really tied to a specific “type”. I really like unique ideas or concepts for filmmaking - and when writing I always strive to find something unique in the structure or concept of the film - more than just the characters or plot.

I love most areas of filmmaking. Writing, shooting, directing, editing, VFX, sound mixing. I usually do colour grading too, but wouldn’t mind giving that off to others if possible. I don’t do music either, but am interested in directing the music to help tell the story.

I actually posted a bit about myself, my gear and my interests over here.

And the only recent short I’ve got is something I shot as a camera test, but decided to upload, as it came out pretty well. I posted that here.


Aussie Aussie Aussie!


G’day! I’m an Aussie - a Queenslander. I live on an island off the coast of Brisbane, in Morteon Bay. I look forward to getting to know you all :).



Victorian right here! Keen for RJFS!