Aussies in the RJ Community!


South Aussie right here! Glad to be here and to learn!


G’day all! I’m from Canberra, and teach Media in a local High School; doing art department when I can. I’ve worked on a lot of local shorts, and a handful of features, including drama film Galore, and SciFi film; Blue World Order.


Good to see a few more Aussies join, we can always do with some more!


I’m aussie! From sydney!


Hey!!! Im from Melbourne:)


Reporting for duty! I’m formerly a Brisbane-based cinematographer, but I’m now located in Central Queensland as a camera operator for one of the local news stations :smiley:


I’m close… -ish! Kiwi, in Aucklander.

Hi there @hugojastewart! What do you do, where in Auckland are you? I’m in the CBD, usually a DoP.

Drop me a message and let’s meet up:


Hey everyone! We are Australian Filmmakers based in Brisbane, Queensland. We mainly focus on action films and run a production company called JLAction Productions.

You can check out our work on our YouTube channel:

You can also catch us on social media:

If anyone in the Brisbane area has a similar passion for filmmaking and would like to get involved with any of our upcoming projects or collaborate be sure to hit us up!

Cheers guys!


Dammit! Wish I had have known about you guys 3 months ago!! I would have loved to work with you, your stuff looks like a lot of fun. I’ve still got quite a few contacts there, so if you need anyone to help out in any roles like makeup, sound, editing, etc, let me know and I can put you in contact!


Haha, maybe we can work together sometime in the future, you never know! Thanks for letting me know about your contacts, I will definitely keep that in mind! :smiley:

Btw, which news channel are you a camera operator for?


Channel 7, but with the local Central Queensland station. Some of my stuff gets sent nationally though.


Okay cool, nice work!


I’m in Hobart Tasmania. Mature aged beginning filmmaker/VFX. Willing to collaborate.


Heya fellow Aussies,

I realise this thread is a bit old but meh! I’m based around Brisbane (South West side) and looking for film makers, producers or any others to team up with, specifically so I can get experience working in post-production in a small team scenario. Would also like to get out to shoots to be a part of the process. I’m working towards being a freelance video editor, good at cutting and premiere pro stuff (have a gaming channel where I’ve done this for like 3 years). Focusing on my after effects skills & vfx which I’ve just been learning recently.

Looking forward to getting to know, and work with some of you.


@duebergang, Nice to meet you mate! Brisbane seems to be a pretty popular place, I’m just gutted I had to leave there! :’( Fortunately for you, there’s plenty of people I can suggest meeting with. Within the RJFS group, @JLActionPro is a Brisbane local team. On top of that, may I suggest having a look at Brisbane Filmmakers Facebook, Film & TV Networking Australia and Young Filmmakers Australia. These Facebook pages were an invaluable resource for me to get on board some ground level films to help build my portfolio, and meet similar level cast and crew.


Thanks @Luke_Nicolaou_DP, I was a bit gutted because I moved from there recently too. Didn’t have to move too far though thankfully! I joined those fb groups like you recommended as well as a couple others I found earlier. Appreciate it.


Sweet! Fellow Australians!

I’m from Canberra! Although currently in Wagga to finish University.

Anyone else from Canberra?


Hi @duebergang as @Luke_Nicolaou_DP has said, we are filmmakers based on Brisbane’s South side. Check out our YouTube channel and let us know what you think and if you’d like to get involved with the kind of stuff we do. We’re always looking for likeminded people to be part of the team, especially with on set production!




I checked out some of your stuff @JLActionPro, would definitely be keen to get involved with you guys. I don’t have much experience on sets asides from a bit of fluffing around in one of my uni courses (incidentally, the course got scrubbed the following year) but willing to come out and learn when I am free. Keen for helping with editing too if you need it. I followed you on Twitter a couple days ago so you can pm on there if need be, should be one of the recent notifications…


I’m in New Zealand soundie myself, but I work sometimes in Australia, I did sound for a feature film over in Sydney for a month last year.

You can follow me here: