Battlefield 1 (xbox one)


hello all!
just a quick thread to both introduce myself as well as get a few of my thought about gaming.

My name is Zak Smith, im 22 years of age and I am from Birmingham, England.
During my work time I work as q Quantity Surveyor but whilst away from work I enjoy watching tv programes like VGHS and I enjoy a bit of social gaming with my friends as well as a bit of competitive gaming now and again.
My preferred platform is Xbox one (only because I just cant get to grips with PC!)
I enjoy playing Battlefield one as in my eyes this is the closest game I am going to get on Xbox One that relates to Field of Fire from the Series VGHS.
I am always looking to meet new people and I thinking gaming could be possibly one of the best ways to both meet and get to know new people.
If any one would ever like to game with me, just let me know I get to play most days.
I have always wanted to start a Youtube channel so I can upload gaming clips but unfortunately I just do not have the knowledge nor do I know anyone willing to put time in with myself to help me get to grips with this either.
Although if you want to jump onto some online gaming or even just chat I play a range of different games just send me a message :smile:
Xbox gamertag : smiffy94

A quick message the administrators: Sorry if anything I have written here isn’t aloud on the forum.


Welcome to the forum, fellow Briton :stuck_out_tongue: !

There are a lot of gamers around here, so I’m sure you’ll find plenty of people with similar interests. You also mentioned that you enjoyed VGHS, and so did we, of course :stuck_out_tongue: ! That’s why there’s no shortage of topics to read and to discuss the show.

One last thing, it probably would’ve been better to introduce yourself formally on this dedicated thread:

However, feel free to engage in other discussions elsewhere around #shoot-the-breeze:games and #stuff-we-make:video-game-high-school !

Once again, welcome, and let us know if you have any questions. :smiley:


thanks buddy! :smiley: