Best Video Game Trailers?


Nothing gets me more excited for a game, then a good trailer. I’d like to hear some opinions on the best video game trailers.
My personal favorites are:


ME2s trailer is maybe my favourite of all time, but all three are good. It’s also interesting to see how the style changed from game 1 to 3. I also love what you shared! GTA V in particular had genius trailers, but Fifa gets a big minus for showing a Griezmann goal against Real Madrid seeing what happened later in last year’s CL final :smiley:


This is the one game trailer I’ll remember for the rest of my life. It was right on the cusp of “cinematic” elements really coming into games, but it’s interesting in its structure, and has some fantastic music. If you’re too young to remember this one (ughhhh), this was also the beginning of Hideo Kojima becoming Hideo Kojima For Real.


Not a great trailer, but damn I need more Jack and Dexter!


Oh, I have never owned a PS2, but I still know this trailer and the music, it’s so iconic, What I love about the score is it’s right out of Hans Zimmer’s style for The Rock.

I can’t recommend the Witcher games enough, this trailer for the second game is still among my favourites, with an awesome use of an orchestrated version of Chopin’s F minor nocturne to really give it a unique mood.

And then along came this trailer for the third game, and from that moment on I kind of knew it will be something monumental. And the fact that they had had the balls to use their own music for the game and not some overly epic generic trailer music, or mindless BWAAAAM speaks volumes about their confidence in it.

And then along came the launch trailer, it was just the icing of the cake for that long waiting period. I was there when the first game came out and it was a joy to see how it evolved.

I haven’t had the fortune to play the Jak games yet, so I can’t speak about that much.


On the Metal Gear Solid 2 trailer, as you might know, the key cinematic cues (and the trailer music) was done by Harry Gregson-Williams, who did compose for The Rock (Hans Zimmer did the main theme, but Gregson-Williams contributed other pieces). Kojima picked him off of that and a couple other films, I’m sure.

Random trivia (sorry if you also already know), but I really love the trailer’s arrangement of the now-retired Metal Gear theme, which they dropped after plagiarism accusations came up with this piece, which… yeah, I think they’re fair. Just worth noting that Gregson-Williams did not originate the MGS theme, so it’s no fault on him :stuck_out_tongue:


Oh yes, that was when Hans Zimmer’s modern style became the staple in action blockbusters and was still a fresh sound, it was first used in Crimson Tide, but The Rock made it famous worldwide. I know HGW is a student of his, and also Nick Glennie-Smith, and a bunch of other now fairly well-known composers from their studio called Remote Control, they’re a bit overrepresented nowadays if I’m being honest.

I did not know about this particular plagiarism accusation, but it does sound like it :smiley:

Getting back to the best trailers, this Halo 3 one also uses Chopin, the Teardrop I love so much, creating a rather dark and melancholic sound with a bit of hope at the end, which is kind of nice but completely foreign to the actual game’s more light hearted, adventure-y tone. Still a brilliant trailer!


Ahem. You all probably haven’t seen this “INSANE” ad before.