Beyond - my VFX short


Hi everyone. Almost a year ago I’ve made a VFX short called “Beyond” and for a long time I was afraid that it’s not good enough to show to people. Recently I’ve decided to fight that anxiety. I know the story isn’t that great and nowadays I would do many things diffrently but I really want to know what do you think about this project just as it is.

I would appreciate any response but the questions I think are the most interesting for me are:
- Are the vfx good enought and which one must be improved?
- Was the lack of story really distracting?


Good job. Some looked better than others. Disclaimer I’m not a VFX artist but here are my thoughts.
On the Rocket taking off it was composited well as far as matching perspective but what would make it look more real is the lighting. It didn’t seem to match the environment, also it looked to clear to the rest of the image, maybe add a texture or grain.

I like the astronaut, it looked good. Couple things that would make it look better is a little movement and be able to see a face under the mask. I’m referencing 1:36 in the video.


@Rumorfy Thanks for your opinion :smiley: It’s really important to me and I would definitely use your advices in my new projects. Have a nice day