BTS of a Low Budget Car Commercial I Directed


So my dad was planning to sell his vintage Mercedes 280 SL and he suggested that I make a commercial for it. So I got my filmmaking friends together and we made an amazing look spec commercial for Mercedes for little to no budget. We used this mount we found on share grid called the Spider Pod. It was like $50 a day or something, but it worked for the camera we were using. They advertised that it could handle up to 20 lbs, but I honestly wouldn’t put anything bigger than a DSLR on that thing. Also they come with this safety strap mechanism, but we used ratchet straps because they’re like 10x safer and stronger. As far as camera set up, we pretty much we used a Sony a7s ii + Canon primes (usm series) + SLR Magic 1.33x Anamorphot 50 Adapter (non compact)