Camera Recommendation


I’ve got 1,000 dollars to spend on a camera (body only), and I was wondering what you guys would reccomend. I’ve been looking into the BMPCC but would like some other suggestions.

Thanks in advance!


Panasonic G85?


I’m pretty happy with my Sony alpha 7 which is in that price range. It’s main virtue is it’s full frame sensor. It is however a somewhat older model (by today’s standards, things get old quick) so it lacks some of the features you’d see in the newest cameras of its range, such as the ability to shoot s-log2 or 4k.

The big question is what do you need the camera for and what do you want it to be capable of?


Well, I do both Narrative Filmmaking and sit down and talk to the camera style youtube videos. So I’ve been looking at right now the BMPCC and the g85. g85 is looking really promising since its much cheaper and has 4k but I dont know how well it’ll stack up against the BMPCC when it comes to narrative filmmaking, since thats my focus


The bmpcc is great but there are some things that you must consider if youre seriosly thinking of purchasing one.

  1. Battery:
    -the batteries only last around 45 minutes but you can get extra ones.

Other solutions:
-I got extra batts but eventualy got a 20000 battery pack and cord. This cost me around 50 dollars i think and i could record for hours.
-You can also get bigger batteries from other cameras and a compatible port that you put on a rig. This cost me around 100 dollars and i could record for over 2 hours on a battery.

  1. Screen:
    -the screen is almost if not, impossible to see in daylight.
    -the screen isnt very accurate.(this was a big problem for me)

Possible solution: buy a external screen or eyecup that you can put on the screen.

  1. Stabilization and shutter:
    -the camera is very shaky and doesnt perform well handheld or even on some shoulder rigs because of its weight and rolling shutter.
    -Tripod and gimbal are great for this of course but i still encourage you to try out shoulder rig if wanted.

the bmpcc has a 2.7 crop factor. So a 50mm becomes a 135 full frame equiv. You can get some m43 lenses but most of them dont perform well except for lenses like the 12-35mm.
-You can get a metabones speed booster and the crop will be increased to that of a super 35 or aps-c sensor. It will cost you around 400 dollars.
-old Angenieux s16 lenses are pretty nice and you can get one for 200 or so.
-old nikkor lenses i prefer and you can get them for 50+ but speedbooster is prob needed.
-there are many other options.

Memory card:
Raw recording takes up tons of memory.

The sandisk extreme pro is needed to record without frame skipping or the card stopping. You can get a 128gb off.

Thats all i can think of right now.

If you get this camera these are some of the pitfalls and some solutions. You may spend more money than you want, to find or implement the solution…


Ye, I know about all those, and didnt mind them too much, because the image quality is so superb. The one thing that’s drawing me towards the G85 right now is that the BMPCC scratches a very specific itch, and will cost a ton more in the long run, while the G85 is a great allrounder, and cheaper