Check out my Cinematography Reel


Hey guys, I just finished my cinematography reel from my 2016-2017 school year (Sr. Year High School). CHECK IT OUT!


Wow! This is incredible! How in the world are you a senior in high school?? Got any recommendations for lighting, cameras, software, etc?


Hi Austin,
I’m glad you liked it!
As far as cameras go, (like you will probably hear again and again) it doesn’t matter. Honestly, if you learn how to light well, you could get close results with a t3i haha. I shot everything in my reel on a7sii and Varicam 35, but with a camera such as a t3i, I would have gotten similar results with the same lighting setup.

As far as lighting goes, I feel like it is all practice and experimentation. I mean you should obviously try and learn the basics online or such, but I learned by using can lights from home depot and shooting with my t5i. If you can get on small sets as a PA or Grip, you will learn a hell of a lot and very fast too, so I’d recommend that if possible.

My lighting setup now consists of an ARRI tungsten kit I bought for cheap from some guy, lots of can lights, Diffusion/Gels… I also used a lot of other peoples LEDs, hot lights, and other lights that I could get my hands on.

Hope that helps!



Hot damn!! A senior in high school??? I’m speechless. I’m a junior, thanks for inspiring me! Really great stuff, especially with color, I’m def looking forward to whatever you’re doing now, keep it up!


Thank you so much! That means a lot!


Very nice work.Keep it up.


Well done, thanks for sharing!


Thank you so much!


Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it!