Classic Disney / Cartoon Music


A brand new thread (unless you’re reading this in at least a month…) to share the beloved classics that are the Disney soundtracks.

As of 22nd October 2016, your favourite cartoon tracks too!

I’m gonna kick start the topic with… this!

Favorite use of music in movies?

This sounds like my kind of thread! Here’s one:


One of my all time favorites!


Beat me to it! I sorta hope the live-action version is a full-on musical, cause this would be so cool.


Mulan is super underrated imho.


I think the musical nails this pretty well:


Prepare to cry!

This piece of music almost single-handedly won Michael Giacchino the Oscar, and rightfully so.

RJFS Writer's group!

AHHHH!! This is incredible.

I’m gonna leave this link here to keep this solid gold thread rolling…


For the next time any of you are cooking:





Seriously though. Iz best.


Oh yes, good old Jerry Goldsmith.
Mulan was even more underrated here in Hungary (look at our name :smiley: ), but I always loved it and found it refreshing at the time that it had a badass female protagonist. I was like 10 when it came out and it really opened my eye.


This song always reminds me of the scene in Toy Story 2 when they’re messing around with all the “Woody’s Roundup” merchandise! I loved that scene.


Anything from Fantasia is amazing, but Rhapsody in Blue is one of my personal highlights.


This is also a very nice suite. Alan Menken is Disney music personified.


I’m fine *sniff… sniff…


Guys, I made the mistake of watching and listening to this whole thing today and I teared up at work. UGGGHHHH it’s so good.


Guys, does this count?


Haha, I warned you! :slight_smile:


In honor of the season…