Comics to shows


There have been an uprising of comics to shows now like Arrow, The Flash, and Daredevil. so my question is what comics should get the chance to be a show and why


I am a huge Marvel fan and love everything they do, but I think it would be cool for more indie comics to have tv shows. Aspen Comics does this really cool series called Soulfire that would be epic. And the great thing about that one would be that it wouldn’t just be another superhero show, it would have more elements of fantasy.


.I agree with Eve, do something more then just superheros…Bring out the indie classics or the classics of Comic con; when it was all about comic books or real cartoons… There is so much out there besides my fav’s of JLA, Superman, Batman, Avengers,and others…Look for other favorites of true classic comic books…Here are some of mine:

Donald Duck
Mighty Mouse
Looney Tunes
Scooby Doo
Captain Marvel (orig.)
Kid Colt Outlaw
Sgt Rock
Weird War Tales
UFO Flying Saucers
Tales of the Crypt (original)
Weird Fantasy

Funny thing is Saturday mornings used to belong to the kids to relax and get stress out to watch their saturday morning cartoons like Tiny Toons, Scrooge McDuck, The new Scooby, and many others; until Hilliary Clinton came in and took it away with education and her no sugar of cartoon characters on cereal boxes and others away. Now kids grow up on 24/7 CNN, and we wonder what’s wrong… :disappointed_relieved: :pensive:


Let’s not forget that “The Walking Dead” was once a comic series too.

I’d love to see Vertigo Comics have a go at the silver screen.


Vertigo sounds familiar, did they ever do part of The Goon?..I know Dark Horse did some work with Eric Powell for getting the “The Goon”…/I loved that comic… Dark Horse has some great titles to the goon…Just kinda different then discussion…-just sayin’…


I just want more ducktales XD

Perhaps a tintin series could be cool too
To be honest I’m not very big on comics, I already spend plenty of money on films and books :smile:


The Tintin movie was excellent.


That one continous shot! I’m still drooling


I wanna see the entire marvel universe follow down the Marvel Zombies comic series those were amazing!


It’s interesting that this topic was brought up. A friend and I had been discussing how much we enjoy lesser used heroes as television shows. I’m pretty much able to agree to any hero getting a show as long as their back-story and general synopsis as a hero is complex or in-depth. I say that for the basic reason that a TV show provides.

When a movie is produced for any of our cherished superheroes, so much action or information is crammed into the span of about two hours more or less. When a television show is made for more complex heroes, each episode can tack on to our knowledge of the character. I like the idea of using any lesser known hero for Television Shows from either Marvel or DC.

The recent development of Daredevil and Arrow have opened my eyes to these characters quite a bit more and i’m pretty excited to see more in the future.


I feel like it’s time to revive this thread. All I’m gonna say is: Jessica Jones. Holy shit that show is amazing


Yes. 100% this. Yes.


Although I have to say I think the fighting was much better in daredevil