Community Night (ON HIATUS)


The new year is almost upon us, so it’s the perfect time to try something new! Introducing:

Community Night! Thursdays, 7:00-8:00 pm PST!

I’ll be hosting some stuff for us to do as a community, with new activities every week, including:

  • Watching videos/movies together
  • Playing online games
  • Group chats
  • etc!
    And who knows, maybe some of the less-present-in-the-forums RocketJump staff will join us every once in a while.

Here’s a timezone converter, for those of you who aren’t in PST. If you can’t ever be online for Community Night, don’t fret – I’ll be organizing some stuff for weekends too!

The first Community Night will be January 8 (7-8:00 pm PST).

I’ll post the week’s activity and any necessary links in this thread. Also, I’ll be sending out one email reminder each week to anyone who’s interested but perhaps forgetful (or anyone who just likes cheesy jokes). If you’d like to get vaguely humorous reminder emails, submit your forum username on this form (EDIT: link removed).

Once things get rolling, I’d love to hear suggestions for activities you’d like us to do or feedback on what to improve here in this thread. Looking forward to the new year! :smile:

EDIT/UPDATE: The last Community Night was on July 23, 2015. Thanks for the great run, everyone!

Introduce Yourself!

Looking forward to it Nick!


Sweet! I’ll try to make it!


sounds good Nick.
I’ll surely try to atend! :smile_cat:


Ohh this sounds like fun I should be able to be there and cause you trouble Nick! uhhh I mean help out if needed and not cause any problems for you lol


1:00 PM?
I’ll be there!


Unless you are speaking in a different timezone you might want to look again and see that it is actually 7:00 PM
Don’t be too early or you won’t find the party.


I have a question: Where will I need to go when this thing starts? :smile:


I’ll post the links to whatever we’re doing here in this thread!


I’m Australian, the party always starts earlier in Australia :wink:


It’s TOMORROW NIGHT! Get excited! :slight_smile:


Any hints on what were doing?! :wink:


Since you asked – it’ll involve some voting on some stuff for some reasons and some group chatting :wink:


Where do we have to go or will it be pretty obvious ?


I’ll post the link here at 7:00 pm PST tomorrow! :slight_smile:


oops thought It would be 4 pm local time here, turns out to be 4am tomorow morning :stuck_out_tongue:
I hate getting up early! :angry:
but I love you all, so I’ll be there :kissing_cat:


Oh my goodness, that’s crazy early! We’ll forgive you if you do the rational thing and get some sleep, seriously.


It’s tonight! Remember to check back in this thread at 7 pm PST for the link! :slight_smile:


My body is indeed ready


Actually so keen :ok_hand: