Community Night (ON HIATUS)


Missed the first half-hour (Grr Argh), but glad I was able to make the second.
As always, I’ll be looking forward to next week.


ah that explains why I was suddenly awake in the middel of night; my subconcious was trying to tell me that I was missing something. It was forgetfulness that killed the cat this time :smile_cat:
Hope you all had a good time


Ugh I was working on scholarships. Hope y’all had fun!


Good news: on Friday, we have a “good behavior trip” at school, so most likely I’ll be able to attend this week! So excited!


What’s on the menu #motherhen? Or are you to busy to provide for us? We love you all the same!
I’m headed for bed now, but I’ll see you all tonight in the morning.


I’m not too busy! We’re doing stuff and things, same time as usual.


Can’t wait for tonight - it’s gonna be epic!!


BOOM. The room is RJ Community, the password is: hi :slight_smile:


Even with low attendance, Community Night is still fun.
Thanks for taking time out for us, MotherHen.


Did I miss it? Did y’all quit allready?
I overslept… :scream:


Sorry for not showing everyone

Something came up! :smile:

Love you guys!


Aww sorry man – next week!


Ladies and Gentlemen Pwners and Zwners today is the day!!


I’m feeling Cards Against Humanity, anyone else up for that?


Cool with me! Can’t wait


Alright then! Click click click :smile:


We’ve deviated from that link, so if anyone wants to join late, say so here!


If y’all are still going, I wouldn’t mind an invite…

(Forever Alone…)


Here! Join us! :smile:


My attendance tonight was short, but sweet. See you guys again next time!