Community Night (ON HIATUS)


TODAY IS THE DAY!!! Can’t wait.



now, right?


I uh
I guess so.
I dunno…


I guess we just wait then…


Let’s wait everyone… Maybe @Nick is in a traffic jam lol.


No e-mail either, perhaps mother hen has just been too busy, perhaps she’s forgot


Nah she posted about it on the RJ Community Twitter today


Huh. Something must have came up. @Kevin_Nguyen since your basically like the vice president of these forums, do you know how we could like play a game of Cards VS Humanity or something?


Ummm I will give it my best shot will post link if I figure it out


Alright, cool cool! There’s still a chance ladies and gentlemen!


Try this on for size! Join Up!




The 2nd community night when we played CAH, I got 2nd and Kev got first. Same thing happened tonight!


Thanks for coming out tonight! :smile: Hope I was an ok host on such short notice!!!


Sorry about that folks, I had a family “emergency.” Air quotes around the emergency since it was more of a small scare than anything, and everyone is fine. :slight_smile: Hope yall had fun anyways!


Glad everything’s ok @Nick! Wasn’t the same without you!


Kevin saved our bacon, glad everything’s allright!
And yes, there was a lot of fun to be had :smile:


Glad to hear it was more of a small scare than a full-on emergency MotherHen. Don’t worry, @Kevin_Nguyen did a fine job in your absence.


Indeed he did
golf clap for Kevin


It’s that day againnnn!!!