Community Night (ON HIATUS)


Hey new people you can join us too! :smile:




But that wouldn’t be nearly as fun… tell you what, if I ever urgently need your attention on this thread, I’ll type in ’ @Nick (a.k.a MotherHen) '.


Geee, thanks :stuck_out_tongue:


still busy busy with final exams (or at least I should be), hence me being absent once more.
Hope next week will be good 'cause I need to get my community night fix!

See y’all next week :kissing_smiling_eyes:


It’s that time of week again! Or at least, it will be in an hour :slight_smile:


What’s the event/game?


We’re watching the end tonight: VGHS season 3 episode 6.


Unfortunately I have 2 cumulative tests tomorow, so I gotta get some sleep. (It’s 10:00 PM here.) But you guys have fun!




Thanks for joining me yall! :smile:


Sorry I missed out (on the chance to mildly annoy you guys). I was… let’s say trapped.Yeah, I was trapped in Destiny’s Crucible. Some people were hardcore guffin’ me and I had to teach them a lesson.


Are we having one today?


MotherHen! (aka @Nick) Wherefore art thou?


If anyone didn’t get my newsletter: no community night tonight! But there will be one next week!


So what will we do this week then
@Nick aka Motherhen?


So both @Kevin_Nguyen and I have real-life things to do tonight, unfortunately. If someone else wants to step up and run tonight, just let me know!


I’d love to get more involved. But since I’m new to the community I’d prefer to first experience one of these “community nights” before actually stepping up. That way I know what’s expected of me.


@Jasper_Cloud, are you game?


@Nick I’m home if you’re still cool with me running it?