Community Night (ON HIATUS)


Of course. Kevin’s in charge, play nice kids.


Any suggestions on what to do guys!? :smile:


Drawing a blank here, bro. Whatever you set up, I’m game.


we could watch Kung Fury, that came out today.


I’m up for some Cards Against Humanity or The Ball Pit vid and maybe a few more videos?

You guys choose!


Ok! Click Here: Rocketjump Video Grab Bag

A whole assortment of RJ Videos!


Hadn’t noticed the cameo of ball pit balls at the end of the Film School One-take until now.


wooops, thought there wasn’t going to be community night so I slept =p
shouldn’t have doubted the powers of the kevin


Could anyone tell me how these nights work? Do you use a VoIP or anything? I left my forum username in that form (Only just now). But would like to know more.


You literally come and go as you please! :smile:


It would be hard that ones you are “there” you need to stay :smiley: But I was wondering more about how you guys talk/connect with each other during those events?


There are usually chat rooms in the activities we do


community night plans tonight?


community night plans tonight!


Check back at 7pm PST sharp :slight_smile:


The room is “RJ Community” - the password is RJ


Even though I had to leave early, it was an awesome and fun time with you guys! @Nick @Tyjet @Jasper_Cloud and whoever else joined when I left. :smiley:


Good times for me too, as usual.
Back to my all-nighter of anime and videogames. Poor me.


It’s that time of week again! Or, it will be in 30 minutes.


We’re watching Corridor Digital goodness tonight: CLICK RIGHT HERE