Community Night (ON HIATUS)


Thanks for hosting again, MotherHen. I hadn’t seen Sync before, and it was stellar.


I can’t believe I missed Corridor Digital night!
If only my internet modem wasn’t a potato.


so what’s up tonight?


Excellent question. Any suggestions?


I’m feeling cards, but I’d love to hear what the others would like to do. You didn’t have anything specific planned Nick?


Nah I didn’t have anything in mind, we can play cards!

Also, so everyone knows now: I’ll be out of the US next week, so there won’t be a Nick-led community night next Thursday (June 25).




you guys are some great people to play cards against humanity with! I laugh my ass off every time!
see you all some other time


Psssssst. It’s Thursday. Check back at 7:00 pm PST for tbd shenanigans.


Welcome back mother hen!


It’s old school viral video night. That’s right kids, we’re going back to 2006, aka the most trash-filled, beautiful year on the internet, to gaze into the glory of the past. Link in 15 minutes!




@Kevin_Nguyen is in charge tonight!


That’s right kiddies! Check in at 7:00 to draw all the things!


[The room is “RJ Community” - the password is RJ][1]
:tada: :confetti_ball: :tada: :tada: :confetti_ball: :tada::tada: :confetti_ball: :tada:

Anyone? :cry:


I’m getting an ‘Incorrect Password’ error.


I’ll get on it! Don’t FRET!

Ok try now


Working now. Thanks.


Today is the day! Are we having community night @Nick?


Why yes, we are! :smile: