Community Night (ON HIATUS)


Hey Salmo, welcome to the forums, great to see you want to jump into the funpit with us; no matter the earlieness of the hour. (and I know what that’s like, these things are 4 am to me haha)
Looking forward to having you along for the ride this coming night


Community Night starts in 30 min! :smile:


It’s time - click here for Community Night!!


Thank you all so much for joining me. :heart: I’ll miss this very much!



The end of an era.
It’s been fun.


Very big shoes to fill! You’ve been amazing Nick!


Well miss you motherhen!


I’ll still be around to keep everyone in line, just not at a set time anymore :wink:


oh cock, I missed it. Damn you timezones!


I had fun, thanks Nick …


I’m glad, Salmo! :smile:


Is this coming back anytime? Literally read it cause I was looking at old stuff and thought it was current so checked the time was like YAY and then realized hasn’t been touched in almost a year.


Not any time soon - my life is 99% work and 1% sleep right now, and while I’m having a surprisingly great time, I don’t have time for any community organizing. Sorry!


No need to apologize. I’m still new and hadn’t known that sorry to hear about your disposition though. Was just curious as to if it was still current. Thanks for letting me know though good luck with work


Thanks!! :grin: (and welcome!)


I just read all that, and it took a little while :sweat_smile: