Community Night (ON HIATUS)


Awh yeah! The hype is now real…er


And now, 1 minute early, HERE’S THE THING. Join the room called “RJ Community” - the password is RJ :smile:


After Nick left I kept drawing inappropriate things. Kevin got banned from the game because he was guessing the inappropriate things.




swell times everyone! (and by everyone I mean Nick, kev and natalie) lol
see yah next week :smile_cat:


so many phalluses!!!


Wow. Of course that’s what happened once I left. Oh well, out of my hands :slight_smile:


Im so upset! I have been busy cleaning my apartment and rearranging files on my computer and completely spaced! I missed it and didn’t even notice :cry:


I was @ work until about half-past the hour Community Night started and my laptop was too cold from sitting in the car all day to work properly… :crying_cat_face:


next time dear friends, next time


Sounded like a fun time, i’m quite sad i missed it, next time however.
Next time…


It’s that day again!!!


It is absolutely that day. The email reminder will probably go out later than usual for I-have-a-very-busy-life reasons, but Community Night will proceed as usual.


switching it up this time; I stayed up instead of trying to wake up early.
More awake and excited than ever!


YOU’RE CRAZY @Jasper_Cloud


Thanks @Nick. I’m aware


Alright folks, it’s time. (Almost. Close enough anyways).


Thanks again for hosting us, MotherHen (Seriously not gonna stop this in reference to Community Nights).
Know that the ‘Longing Sandwich’ a.k.a ‘Insidious Cattle’ a.k.a ‘Whatever other random names I’ve had’ looks forward to the next Thursdays he can be a part of such good times.


How could I forget?



Does anyone have any suggestions for tonight? Because I’m too busy to find things, which means it’ll be more VGHS unless people want other things