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Community is awesome! Anyone else a fan? :slight_smile:


I’m a fan. I’ve watched all but the last season that was on NBC so far.
Favorite episodes off the top of my head are all of the Halloween episodes, the Debate episode, ‘Advanced Dungeons & Dragons’, the 2nd season’s Paintball episodes ‘A Fistful of Paintballs’ & ‘For a Few Paintballs More’, the Law & Order inspired episode, the Model U.N. episode, the Videogame episode- I could probably go on for a while more, but I won’t. Simply put: Fantastic show.


I have to say, the Beetlejuice Easter egg blows my mind constantly. THAT JOKE TOOK YEARS TO HAVE A PUNCHLINE. YEARS.


I just saw this thread after finishing rewatching all of Community - it is so tragically great and ahead of its time. It manages to blend the feeling of a three camera show with beautiful filmmaking that wasn’t really seen in main stream TV comedies before it. Plus there are some individual episodes that are their own little masterpieces. Dan Harmon, the showrunner/creator, runs a great podcast called Harmontown. If you’re ever in LA, you can go to the live tapings, and they are a total blast.


hell yeah… community is way ahead of it’s time with overhead jokes and lighting fast punchlines…

and Ken Jeong is off the chang… pun oh so intended…