Concept of layering sounds And recording and each sound separately and editing in Logic Pro X


Ok I am so new at creating sound sfx
So I want to create something I hope this is not to hard more simple to do learn and understand the basic of how? to and what to look for ? To record separate sounds using just my iPhone

And then learn the basic of layering each separated of this sound

Learn the basic of how to edit each sound file and learn ways to blend them together

Gear at moment I have is

1.iphone 6plus
Editing software Logic Pro X

Picture sound Idea strong text meaning main aim or goal is to paint a visual picture but only with sound effects
is to simulate or create the sound to my listeners that when they first hear the open sound they hear the sound of some one or thing struggling to force
some very heavy and large mass object is being pushed out in front away from listener

To learn the way think right

What basic sound should I record first to start to create a visual picture in the listener head?


So this is really completely up to you in a way; you can use and record whatever you’d like!

What I usually try to do is imagine the final result in my head, and then try to divide that into pieces I can record of look for in a library. Sometimes if I’m not sure what to use but just have a certain type of sound in mind (like a heavy object being pushed), I’ll go around and look for things nearby that might make the appropriate sound. For a heavy object, I’d probably suggest looking for a deep, grinding sound (pushing something heavy through dirt, or a scraping sound against a hard floor), and then maybe a higher-pitched, more “detailed” layer like sand or pebbles grinding; combined together you can get a pretty good effect.

Also, keep in mind you can adjust pitch to make something sound heavier - if you find an interesting sound but it doesn’t feel heavy enough, you can maybe make the pitch lower, and combine it with a few other things.

If you’re having trouble coming up with ideas, you can also try taking a short video (from a movie, video game, etc.) and try replacing or creating new sounds to go with the picture - sometimes having a video to work from can help you come up with ideas too.


Thanks Sir
So Conceptualize and visualize and divide and conquer with sound is a vital part of learning this stuff is that correct?


Correct! Ultimately, your goal is to tell a story and convey emotion through sound. This is why I often recommend creating sound to a pre-existing scene if you need inspiration, that way you can focus your work on something. It’s not only about making something sound “good,” but also making it sound “right” for whatever the story is.

Almost all sounds will sound different depending on the kind of story - a door opening in a comedy won’t sound like a door opening in a horror film, and a gunshot in a war movie will usually sound pretty different from a gunshot in a more stylized action film… I think you get the idea! It’s not just creating what you need to “complete” the scene, but making sure it matches and complements the overall style.


Sir forget me but how do I go about doing this without getting a computer vruis
meaning what are the correct steps to take to a few seconds or minutes of YouTube a short video of movie or game etc… to use in my DAW Logic Pro x ?


I personally use or to pull from YouTube; both are safe in my experience. They have downloadable software options which I don’t use - both allow you to download just from your browser at the webpage.