Convince me to watch your favorite TV show


VGHS for starters, am i right guys!
Then i would recommend Red Vs Blue, where you can really see the improvement in quality over time. They started from just a simple comedy made in halo to a compelling and amazing mix of genres in the later seasons along with some of the greatest fight scenes ever!
Doctor Who also, anything that can be running for that long and still feel fresh and exiting deserves a watch.
Death Note as well, is one of my favorite animes and one of the greatest mystery stories in the last decade, along with it’s generous helping of Japanese styling and compelling characters, i say it’s awesome!
Also, if you’re up for a bit of mystery, BBC Sherlock is a really good watch, Benedict Cumberbach really brings something to the role and Martin freeman makes for an excellent Watson, along with all the callbacks to the books (if you read them all).
Also, Mythbusters, because explosions are cool
Those are my favorite shows…


RvB all the way! its really a great machinima to see one of the first that is still on today as long as people like it they will continue to make it that is what creator Burnie Burns says. So I am with Doc go watch it, it is a great web series. OH! and the creator Burnie his girlfriend Ashley and voice actor Joel from RvB all appear is Season 2 of VGHS as the people Calhoun has to answer too for bringing in Marry Matrix.


Loved the show Eureka. It was a SyFi set in present time which I think was a sort of newer idea. Love the idea of a man of average intelligence being the smartest guy at times in a community of geniuses. The only downsides are that it is only 5 seasons (and only the last 2 are currently on Netflix) and the time travel got a little redundant at the end. Still a great show especially if you enjoy SyFi.


Current shows:

Brooklyn Nine-Nine: A cop-comedy with goofy story lines and lovable characters that don’t take themselves too seriously. Oh, and Terry Crews is in it. That’s all you need to know.

The League: Probably more appealing to men, but it’s a comedy loosely-based on fantasy football that isn’t afraid to criticize any issue in American culture. I can definitely see how it wouldn’t be certain people’s cup of tea and luckily my girlfriend will tolerate it so I can watch it with her.

Past Shows:

Arrested Development: It is the funniest situational comedy ever made, in my opinion. It has one of the most stellar comedy casts and the show is so laced with inside jokes and hidden jokes, you might not catch some of them until the third time through. I think it is the best comedy TV series of all-time, but obviously that is an opinion and I won’t pretend it’s any more than that.

Friday Night Lights: An intense emotional drama series about a high school football team. While this sounds boring, it is not. The characters go through every awful thing under the sun. You can’t look away and all the while, you’re rooting for the football team and coach. I came in expecting a cheesy football series and walked away exclaiming it one of the best shows ever made.

If you asked my girlfriend, she would definitely say you need to watch Prison Break. That has been her obsession for a while now. I’ve given it only a couple episodes, but it seems very good too.


Oh this show was great in some of the Behind the scenes they talk about the iPad because they had a devise similar to that before it was released in the show and thats what also makes the show great is a lot of the science in the show is literally around the corner and can happen during our lifetime. The actor who plays the sheriff does a great job and I really liked him in that role. I think I am gonna go watch that show again now haha


I watched the entire thing while all of it was still on netflix, great show!


1.The Twilight Zone(this is a given)-this is the grandfather of all tv and science fiction. It paved the way for most modern tv. Rod Serling,Buck Houghton,Richard Matheson and Charles Beaumont were a tour deforce as a creative team. It mixed social commentary and terror, dressing it up as a Science Fiction. Serling was ahead of his time.must watch.

2.Twin Peaks - probably what most people always remember David Lynch for and rightly so. The show starts out with the murder of a small town girl and poses a question throughout the show as we are introduced to a town with a shady underbelly, Who Killed Laura Palmer?

3.The Ray Bradbury Theater - Probably the only writer in history to ever get his own show adapting a large amount of his classic short stories. From The Veldt and Mars Is Heaven to Sound of Thunder and the Fruit At The Bottom of The Bowl This show has so many good episodes,most are unforgiving in their approach. it can easily be picked up in a dvd collection that catologues 65 episodes, spanning 5 discs for only $9 at most dvd stores. it’s worth it.


Say, have you heard of Dimension 404, apparently its supposed to be the Twilight Zone of the 21st century (also, it’s being done by Rocketjump)


It might not be that bad if it’s done right. if it is kept in the traditional half hour blocks that made the original Twilight zone good and combined decent writing then it should kill


Red vs Blue, oh god it has been such a long time. I haven’t seen any of the episodes since Rooster Teeth began implementing animation into the series. I loved old Halo machimas so much, I even played as an extra in one of the RvB episodes which made me extremely giddy.

I miss the older way of machinima, not the company, but the format that the content was made in. I guess innovation had to occurr, current audiences might expect higher production quality for that kind of content to thrive. :smile:


Living the dream man!
I really think the old type of machinima also has it’s place in the new world of animation, i think season 8 of Red vs Blue did this really well, because we only saw it twice(?), but when we did, damn it was glorious, and it think that that balance makes it really nice. Season 12 also did this but to a lesser extent, where you would see the one little bit of animated and be surprised by it. I know there are people out there who prefer the animated, but, at its core, machinima is about making cool stuff in the game.


Who? When? What season? What episode?


I’ll have to do some digging for the episode. The role was as Doc which was part of a scene after the credits ended. I had the oppertunity to help out since I was good friends with someone who produced seperate machinimas that knew some of the guys involved in RvB.

I’ll try and find more out in a bit. I’m on my phone so I’ll try my best.

Edit: I’m still trying to find a link to it, it should be after the credits of Red vs Blue: Reconstruction, Chpt. 12. The wiki confirms it but I can’t find a video with the scene. </3


You called?

That’s pretty awesome, how did that “shoot” roll out?


Honestly, I was hardly involved since I was filling in someone else’s place. I received a PM from a friend on Xbox Live asking if I wanted to step in and help one of his friends with their project.

Joined the party, selected armour/colour that they wanted for the role and then invited me to the setup. I didn’t speak to anyone special, or that I recognised, but it was cool. I didn’t ask questions, I ended up putting it on my fileshare. Just me looking up and down for a few takes and standing there.

I wish I had more to say about it really, I was 14 at the time I think, 2008.


That’s pretty awesome.
I just want to see what @Jake_Rodriguez has to say


I think that is awesome and I am totally jealous I have been a fan of RvB since season 2 when I walked in on my brother watching and have watched every episode ever since and still a diehard fan of RoosterTeeth and Achievement Hunter it is because of them that I am now a diehard fan, intern, and background character in VGHS it is also because of RT and RvB that I decided to go into studying and making films they have inspired me so much and helped lead me down the path I now walk.


^Jake Origin Story^
Best read as exposition


haha thanks Doc all true and the story is still wing written


Surprisingly convincing argument.