Convince me to watch your favorite TV show


If you haven’t watched Seinfeld [or at least given it a try], you’re missing out.
Great show, still holds up really well today. Great characters who you’ll both love and hate.
In conclusion. Seinfeld.


I’ve never seen Sailor Moon, should I watch this new Sailor Moon? Start with old Sailor Moon? Is there a good introductory episode? Also- have you seen Princess Tutu? PRINCESS TUTU IS LIFE! SACRIFICE ART MUSIC AND DANCE! I love it with my whole heart. MAGICAL GIRLS FOREVER!!


I feel like the third season has really been amazing. I love Korra’s journey. It’s such a fun universe, I adore Korra and ATLA.


Visit for all that stuff! Crazily expensive but all you can do is wish…


Psych is a pretty great tv show. It manages to balance witty dialogue with a sophomoric sense of humor and a whole heep of 80’s nostalgia all rolled into one. All the characters a brilliantly written and while I would say the show is far from being a realistic crime show it’s definitely one of my favorite crime shows to ever be on TV. It is definitely worth a watch.