Custom Discord Emoji Suggestion Thread


Hey folks,
If you don’t know already RocketJump is on Discord. The server is currently open to forum users and members of the old server. So feel free to join!

Discord offers a super neat custom emoji setting for servers. This means, we can put whatever we like (keep it reasonable and RJ related if possible) immortalised in emoji form for everyone to use.

What would you like to see?

Please post any images that you would like to see added to our gallery (best quality you can would be helpful, but not strictly necessary, and don’t worry about the crop etc, that’ll be handled when added to the list.)

Note: This thread is only for suggestion. Please refrain from posting if it is not an emoji suggestion.



We definitely need a Calhoun one, possibly where he’s holding his cup and in not a chatty mood, that could be a great emoji, we just have to take a good screenshot



Here are some mock-ups!

For you guys @Jasper_Cloud @laurenevam


AHAHAHA. Bless you, it turned out better than I thought it would


I made this, in honour of everyones favourite international holiday. If you want to use it and you need another resolution or the original psd, let me know!


@FudgePieProphet (introducing you to the discord server through this because I can’t get a link through my phone or invite you to this topic even)


We’d love to have you @FudgePieProphet miss ya!


The link’s at the top and here too!


An interesting place.


Do any of you remember if VGHS has a scene where Ted does a finger-pointing like our DK emoji? It would be so dope if we would have them joining fingers if you put the two beside each other like in Michelangelo’s The Creation of Adam fresco from the Sistine chapel.


Sounds like true art to me. It would be the RocketJump improvement upon Michelangelo’s original. Who needs the Sistine chapel when you have an office in Burbank?