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Who else is excited wait for Rocket Jump’s Next show? I sure am; if anyone finds out any news on the show you can post it here!

This Week At Rocketjump

It’s actually about 404 Dalmatians. Whoops.


Now you’re #fired Kevin :joy:


It’s about a world where the letter “D” doesn’t exist


It’s about the love affair between a man and his cheesecake. It’s so delicious he’d love nothing more to eat it. The only problem is that although he will be full in his stomach, he will empty in his heart.


Just saw this… @Kevin_Senzaki don’t tease me I LOVE DALMATIANS NOW I WANT THIS hahahaha


Relevant news!


So now that we know a little more about D404 what are your thoughts guys and gals? Personally I’m really excited. I think that the whole “twilight zone” horror-anthology series is a great idea and is filling a niche that is currently missing from the Internet. I’m really excited to see it come to fruition. The little concept art that we saw in the video has had a big impact on me and I’m pumped to see those images come to life on the screen.

Now all of that being said I would like to see Rocketjump eventually return to making a long form narrative project, hopefully sometime in the near future. The shorts team is killing it and I loved Rocketjump: the show but there’s something about a continuing narrative that is so much more engaging to me than anthology series. Watching characters overcome challenges and grow over time helps me really invest in a show and makes the end of that series that much more satisfying.

But those are just my thoughts I would love to hear what you all think about “Dimension 404”


I’m Now Gonna Keep Hulu


I’m really exited for D404, having watched the twilight zone at a young age, I’m really excited to see where they go with this series. I’m pretty keen to see if these other directors/ cinematographers and such that they brought on adhere to the Rocketjump style, or if they’ll be blazing their own trail, and if so what kind of new stuff they’ll come up with. I have nothing but respect for the dudes at RJ and I’m a big fan of Twilight Zone and things in a similar vein (Stranger Things is going to be great) so I’ve got high hopes for D404.


To be totally honest, I don’t think it’s possible for D404 to even be ‘bad’. I’m so hyped!


This Wikipedia article has all the stuff we know so far about the cast etc. Furthermore, if you can add anything, you can!


BirthMoviesDeath just did an article about D404. A bit of a slip up at the end, but I found it pretty cool.


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@Sean_F don’t worry, there are many long-form projects in the works. You’ll get what you want, for sure!

As far as anthology vs. continuing story, I definitely agree that a continuing narrative can be very powerful, and the human heart certainly grows attached to familiar characters over time in a way that you obviously can’t grow attached to a one-shot character.

From a production standpoint, it’s a friggin’ chaosfest! Just think: every episode you have to start from scratch! New casting, new world building, new costumes, new sets, new aural language, new visual style, etc. It’s like doing a bunch of short feature films. Compare that to a show like New Girl where you have the same four actors on screen in almost every episode, and three or four sets that are sitting on your studio lot that you can use again and again and again. Completely different!

That said, I think there’s something really cool about an anthology that you can’t do any other way: you get to explore something completely new every episode. For shows like The Twilight Zone or The Outer Limits (or more recently, Black Mirror), you need that freedom to get into the weeds on a completely different “what if?” in every episode. You aren’t constrained by anything. Just as much as that can make it overwhelming to organize, it can also be freeing and exciting.


…there are many long-form projects in the works…

One more thing I’ll add to this: it’s often easy to forget in a world where YouTube videos come out all the time, but big projects take years to execute. D404 began three or four years ago. It’s just shooting now.

It may not always be obvious what we’re doing from the outside, but believe me when I say we are busy as hell with a whole bunch of projects for the next couple of years.


@Spica and @Jasper_Cloud I’m fine with the move!


Fine by me my doooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood


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