D404 News/Updates


Will D404 be exclusive to Hulu, or also on YouTube?


@aoshaw21 yes, D404 is a straight-up regular TV show, so in the US it is Hulu-exclusive. Once the show is made we can then try to get international distribution like we did with RocketJump: The Show, but that doesn’t happen until we have something to show.


We’re also hoping to be able to share BTS type footage with you guys here, similar to what you saw with This Week at RJ, but we’ll keep you looped in as we sort it out!


Updates updates updates!


More updates!


I would TOTALLY be excited exceot for the fact that I oive in Canada … so no love for us.


You can still try to watch it by using a VPN.
Apparently Opera could make the job.

Not sure about it but you can give it a try.




D404 is on UK television!

The Syfy channel have picked up UK rights to D404 and the series premieres on 5th October at 9pm local time. Hype!

Where do I find Syfy?
The channel is not availible for the non-subscription services (Freeview and Freesat, unfortunately) but is listed on Sky and Virgin subscription services. For numbers, check the Wiki page.