Demo Reel: A time to refine and reflect


Hey there,

It’s been a long, long, time since I’ve been on here, and I hope to make the most out of the community. Critiquing videos, getting help on scripts ideas and plot progression, but today I’m here with a demo reel.

As part of my final for a college class, we had to create a demo reel. This is comprised of a few of my works in the past and I’m hoping that some members of the community will critique me on it. Thoughts on how I edited to the music, the way it’s paced, among other things. This is my first and my work is sparse, please don’t be too harsh, I know the technical knowledge, but I need more experience applying my work. I’m also sending this out to companies that request a demo reel for job applications.

Thanks everyone that take the time to read this, I hope that I can get some feedback on this subject matter.

Here’s my link:


Would appreciate if you used titles to indicate what role you fullfilled on the projects you’re showing. I see you’ve put a bit of what you’re capable of at the end. And you’re right about your work being sparse, this could use a little beefing up. I don’t feel like I got a good impression of what you’re capable of.
But keep at it man, get a bigger body of work, so you can actually use only the best of it.

As for the pacing, I think it was okay, it usually gave me enough time to study what was on the screen. Not sure about the choice of music, but that might just be my taste.

keep at it.


I agree with Jasper’s note; I’m unclear what I’m supposed to be looking at in the reel in terms of what your work contribution is. I feel like overall, the reel’s probably a little over-long, since it felt a little slow to me - though this may have been by my also not knowing what to look for in the first half. Also, when you’re using clips from films, I think including the audio (at a somewhat lower level, with music over it is fine) would help; as silent images that also makes things feel a LOT slower.