Destiny - Still the best game out there


With the recent release of Rise of Iron, Destiny’s back on the menu folks!

Matt and I are Pretty Serious about Destiny. If you are too, you should join the RocketJump Syndicate

We’re on PSN and are always looking to fill out raid groups etc.



What might be expected of someone applying to join the RocketJump Syndicate?


I want to but I also don’t want to abandon my clan “are yams sweet potatoes”. Im so conflicted


Sorry to burst your bubble guys, but Bloodborne is still the best game out there.
About one and a half years later and it continues to amaze.


Except for the part where Destiny has RANDOM DROOOOOPS YEAAAH

We’ll basically pull from the clan to fill out raid groups, and probably just have a grand ol’ time in private PVP matches