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This is a section to talk about Dimension 404.


Not out yet, so we’ll talk tomorrow :slight_smile:


I just watched the first 3 episodes and then I saw this on one of my videos…



Congrats to the whole RJ team!


Who thinks a Time Ryder show would be a good idea?


I don’t know about the rest of you, but as soon as I watched D404 Episode 3: Chronos, I was immediately hooked on the (unfortunately fictional) Time Ryder. This is to discuss/share anything
(theories, art, etc…) Time Ryder related for all my fellow Ryderz out there. Also, Who thinks it would be a good idea to have a real Time Ryder and the Chrono Teens TV show? Surely I’m not the only one.


Hey there 'Ryder! Glad you enjoyed the episode; I think the theme song is absolutely killer :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve posted a few of the pieces of concept art I did for Time Ryder on my Instagram (@kevinsenzaki), and I’ll be posting some more early drafts of Ryder and Entropy soon!


Nice! Always happy to have more Time Ryder art @Kevin_Senzaki. Two other things. First of all, I totally agree about the theme song. Radical! is there anywhere I can lay my hands on the sound file? It’s been an earworm for the past 2 days :). Lastly, were you the one responsible for the art/design of the Time Ryder toys in Sue’s room? If not, do you know who that is?

Let’s Ride!

-Time Ryder


And does anybody know what jacket Time Ryder is wearing in the episode? Like the brand?


I didn’t expect so much emotion from Bob. Oh my god.


The theme should be available when the soundtrack comes out - though I unfortunately don’t have a date for you, last I’ve heard we’re definitely looking into it.

I did the original batch of designs with the director Dave Boyle (almost entirely over Skype actually). From there, the animation studio that did the Time Ryder cartoon used my sketches as reference (basically giving it that “retro cartoon” style pass), as did the costume and props departments, who made what you see on-screen for the “real life” stuff, including the prop toys. So yes in that the props department referenced my drawings (and probably the animation studio’s), but no in that we didn’t concept design the toys directly. They did an amazing job with them though; they look awesome in-person. I’ll try to snag a close-up shot when I see them around!

I’m not sure about the jacket, but it’s probably an old vintage jacket that costumes picked up from who-knows-where. Costume designers tend to be really crafty and finding the right pieces, sometimes second-hand.


Awesome! I’m sure the soundtrack will be here all in good…Time ;). Is there any chance you know the name of the animation studio? Also, thanks for being willing to get some pictures of those. It would just be amazing if I could figure out how to make my own (especially the Chrono Gauntlet) from pictures. I’ve seen the art for the gauntlet so I have a general idea. On that note, I’m assuming the costume/props departments were those at Rocketjump. Is there anybody you know who works there that i could speak directly to so I dont keep bothering you with questions you don’t know the answers to?




Our art department was not internal at RocketJump, so I unfortunately don’t know first-hand who exactly would be the right person to ask. However, let me ping @Trisha and see if we have the props around the office, and if we can snap some solid reference photos!


Thank you! Please get back to me if you’re able to get reference photos for those.



@Kevin_Senzaki Is there any kind of Time estimate I could get if you do have the props around for getting pictures of them? I don’t wanna rush you because i know you’re busy.


Final BTS


I recently started watching Dimension 404 and man, it’s good.
It has been a long time since i watched such a good show.
You guys made my cry over a giant blob of meat, good job!
I hope you guys will never stop making me smile with everything you make!
Never stop with what you’re doing, you’re so great at everything :slight_smile:


That’s awesome; thanks for dropping us a message! I personally had a blast working on the show, so it’s great hearing you enjoyed it too!


I saw on instagram that you guys put the tyme ryder costume on a mannequin in the office. Is there any way you could check what brand of jacket it has on?



That’s just the helmet on a head stand, but I’ll see if I can find the jacket next week!