Dream Warrior Short Film TEASER


So, two nights ago I pieced a teaser trailer for a short film I made. I honestly have no idea what genre to call it, it’s sort of just it’s own thing. I wrote out a quick logline that roughly describes the film:

Jacob’s girlfriend disappeared one year ago. But he knows where she is–stuck in his dreams. However, a darker force has other plans.


EDIT: I’ve discovered that it would’ve been wiser to dub this a “teaser” rather than a “trailer”. It’s more suitable this way. Please forgive me and treat it as such.


Hey, just watched your trailer.
I think there’s an important problem with it: the beginning is not bad but from 0:20 it’s just a succession of shots that are not making much sense together. I learned much more from the logline than from the trailer.
It’s a teaser trailer so the goal may be to convey the tone of the movie more than its story but then it’s a bit too long, I would recommend keeping a teaser short.
Also at the beginning, you wrote persents instead of presents!

About trailer making I totally recommend this RJFS podcast. It may be longer than a typical video but you can listen to it while doing something else.

If you make a new trailer for Dream Warrior please post it!


Isn’t that’s how it’s supposed to be spelled?

Oh wait…crap, it isn’t. Crap Crap Crap

I sort of intended this teaser to be more focused on tone then the story. The story’s more of a mystery/psychological thriller with a lot of surreal moments. In fact, I can’t really put a specific genre on it. And yes, the film does rely a lot on atmosphere and tone.

But I think you’re right, though. I’ll release a more “formal” trailer somewhere in the future.

Thank you for your thoughts!


I agree with the other comment, you have a decent log-line, but if it wasn’t there i would have no idea his name was Jacob, he had a girlfriend, she disappeared, or dreams are involved.

The trailer starts to become random clips after around 20 seconds in, I can see how some of the clips are connected, but it’s still pretty random, a lot of the clips are pretty framed nicely.
Also your post work could use improvements, Color doesn’t seem bad but it doesn’t look CCed either which could make it look better. Your camera movements seemed a bit shaky in many clips, which can be fixed with better filming equipment/techniques, or just stabilize it in post (will crop it a bit).
The sound that is present makes the rest seem like silence (except for the music obviously), you could add some more sound effects, like the beginning could have some soft wave noises. The noise that is present should be edited to remove background noise and just sound better in general. (Trust me it will sound a lot better after adobe audition, or audacity), This video is pretty good, https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fknmkG0mPzw&ab_channel=FrontPageTech but it’s mostly for voice, but there are somethings that don’t apply just to audio.

Sorry if i seem negative, I kinda tend to notice things that aren’t as good, and just mentally ignore the good parts.


Well, you are correct that the audio hasn’t been cleaned up and it’s not color graded.

I think the main problem that some people have is that they were expecting a “trailer” when it’s structured more like a “teaser”. I was intending on establishing tone and intrigue, not necessarily the storyline yet. Heck, I think I’ll just edit it to “Dream Warrior: Teaser”. It’s a more realistic description.

Thank you for your thoughts!


Sorry for treating it as a trailer, You could still post process the clips though, since usually trailers and teasers seem to be released towards the end of shooting/during editing.


Cool and good. Next “trailer” I’ll release will feature better audio and colors. Thank you for the tips!


Since you were asking about the tone, i think it’s pretty matching throughout the teaser. It feels as if magic could be involved and kind of reminds me of harry potter, even if this doesn’t have magic and stuff.


Lol, that must’ve been the music. I guess you could say there’s some magic in the movie, sort of.


That was probably the biggest factor, but some of the shots too, like 0:53. I probably said harry potter because i don’t really have a word for the tone, or many examples, but it seems like it could be set at-least a couple centuries ago, and for me atleast stuff set in old time, depending on the genre seems to give off this tone for me.


Huh. All that was just an abandoned camp office. The whole thing is set in modern times.


I thought it would be set in old times, but you were forced to show a more modern interior, with outlets and stuff, besides those details it looks like it could be set in older times, or atleast themed around it.


Heh. Maybe I should make a fantasy version sometime :stuck_out_tongue: