DRIVE CLUB: Drift Sessions


Sup Peeps,
Looking for some peeps to join me for some sweet, slideways drifting in Drive Club. We could set some challenges, go for high scores and maybe set NEW LAP RECORDS!!! Hit me up.

Platform: PS4
Game: Drive Club (PS4) or Drift Streets Japan (PC)


So I take it this game is fun? Where does it fall on the arcadey->realistic spectrum? Is it like the rest of Drive Club? Kinda like Burnout?


It’s Arcadey but it is fun. Specially with Challenges. Me and a couple of mates who have wheels a whole lotta Drift Challenges. It’s amazing how addictive trying to beat someone’s score can be.

Yeah, it’s like Burnout/NFS and nothing like GT, Forza and Asseto Corsa but for fun, we like Drive Club!


Sounds great! Just asking 'cause while I love me a good sim, the only way to make this catch on at the office is if it’s more of an arcade-style game.

Would you say a wheel is super necessary to play or is it fine w/ controller?


Super fine wid a controller!!! The wheel is just a fancy way to play really but it does help with the immersion. I’m jumping on tonight about 7pm NZST (GMT+12) Not sure if you’d be able make that time given our diff time zones and all.

A screenshot from last night’s Twitch Cast.


Here’s the Twitch Stream. Res is 720p, audio wasn’t really calibrated, I just wanted to jump on that wheel! lol