DSLR Filming near heat


Hi there,

I am currently in talks with a local smith who wants to have a promo for his workforge. I want to film it with extreme macro shots. I saw this video recently and I want to do something like this. My only concern is the heat. I want to film extreme macro near the forge. Does anyone know it this will harm my equipment?



I can’t imagine your camera would like the high temperatures. Personally my first instinct would be to try and get the shots with a zoom/tele lens so you can get close from a distance. If you would really want to get your camera close to the fire you’d have to find some way to shield it from the heat.


Yeah, I would definitely recommend backing up and zooming in


Telephoto, as others recommended.

If you want to risk it, cut a hole in a welder’s blanket, attach that to a piece of Pyrex or some kind of laboratory glass and shoot through that. Figure out some way to cool the air on the camera side of the blanket, like blowing air across blocks of ice?

How about a matte box with an inch thick stack of optical glass?

Yeah, better just use a long lens.


Hi there,

I shot the video a day ago and i used a telephoto lens and a small 10-105 mm lens. It worked perfectly! The heat was also minimal.