Duke Nukem: Officer Roxie Vs. President Roxie


Hey, I just started listening to this podcast and am so in love with it that I need to talk about it.
Duke Nukem was a hilarious episode and I think that the team really had some awesome ideas but, personally, I think that the whole thing took a turn for the worse when they reworked Roxie’s character. She was the straight man/audience insert character that made most of the jokes work. The strip club scene , the duke orgy isn’t as fun, the tearful farewell to the other Dukes that leads into the INCREDIBLE gag where the real duke thinks he’s a clone loses all of the edge of having a character along with the audience gaze awestruck at Duke’s stupidity. Meanwhile the “cigar-chomping” President Roxie doesn’t serve as enough of a foil for Duke, in my opinion, to give the same impact.
But that’s just my long, drawn-out opinion of a movie that was never made from a podcast I started listening to last week. I made this post to ask everybody else. What did you think of Roxie’s switch from main-character-police-officer to side-character-president? Am I the asshole here? I could be.


I kinda agree on how she made some jokes work but I didn’t really like the fact that she was there as a useless sidekick, so I was happy to have her gone.
We need a compromise…


That’s fair, I’d like to see her as like, an XCOM member sorta thing where she fights aliens but she also has an understanding of the alien culture and so she is able to hold her own in a fight because she’s fought aliens before but she also watches as duke does all of these things wrong even though he’s good at fighting. I dunno, I agree and see why they changed it but I still feel like having her there for the best of the jokes is too important to lose.