Dukenukem forever why it's a good game


Duke Nukem Forever certain people say that this is one of the worst video game reboots ever I don’t think so if a huge fan of Duke Nukem the first and second Duke Nukem or a side-scroller was more or less going around getting card keys collecting points Duke Nukem 3D was the same darn thing it’s if it was in 3D was awesome he had enemies smart difficult to fight everything looks great and then forever came out no no the trucker term dnf did not finish could they change a lot to make it a lot better yes I agree but people start to say oh you can interact with way too much or you could do way too much things like that well you can come Thursday you could play pool forever you could play pool slot machine and she could mess with them both games there’s even a microphone for singing Born to Be Wild one of the one of the levels you got your ship clubs in the third one and then you go to strip clubs and forever The Help The Help was kind of a tough thing it’s everything have to look for health anymore you could just wait for it to recharge which makes student more badass because they made a unique and it made it different instead of it being held for a little bar like Halo which I loved and put his ego and you could get more different things on different things in the game to make your ego stronger which makes your health struggling to make them glasses fall off technically Duke Nukem doesn’t die I agree they’re a lot more car stages the mirror needed to be what the weapons were the same you have Ripper you got your shotgun you got your pistol RPG pipe bombs trip mines shrink gun freezing gun. And yes you could only hold up to three at a time it was all Duke Nukem you can hold as many as you want it but to this day and age that’s unrealistic trust me I would love to be able to hold up to 9 different weapons with selecting your old tomato of weapons at Your Arsenal have been lovely they could have said it was a portal backpack technology to hold all those weapon. They did the same thing in the original Doom which made sense but you know you can only hold up to 3 technically you can hold up to 2 but if you want to say then you can go to expand adoption she can hold up to 3 this game is one game and been trying do review on I just have not had the time and I will be doing a video on it very soon and I will be using these exact quotes and these exact work with a little bit expansion butt hope you enjoyed it I know a lot of people don’t know about my Google Plus account you can check it out I hope you enjoyed this if you did share it favored it anything you want if you’re on Twitter retweet whichever alright guys have a great day bye bye