Dynamic Link Error - URGENT


Hey Guys,
I’m running Adobe After Effects CC, Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 and Adobe Media Encoder CC.
However I can not import/open/place an After Effects or Premiere Pro File to be rendered in Adobe Media Encoder. It comes up with a message saying "Dynamic Link Error, check to see if these files are installed properly."
There is nothing helpful on the adobe forums that I have found so I am here now, any help would be great as I have a mega project due soon and I cant render timelapses/hyperlapse or my final video.
Xavier Porter


This seems to have worked: https://forums.creativecow.net/thread/3/893296


I had this happen to me 3 weeks ago - CC just needed to be updated. (2014 -> 2015) Worked fine after that.


Thankyou very much. .


Why does the link that I put have 1.0k clicks I got a badge for that for some reason.


Awww yisss, “famous link”! (Like the one from Zelda or good mythical morning or that president guy with the top hat)
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