Editing Cinematography Practice


So I was wondering how everyone edits non narrative based films. I’ve been trying to practice my cinematography more by shooting videos of friends and events and stuff, but I have always wondered what the thought process is for editing something that doesn’t really have a goal. Like things like weddings and stuff i understand roughly how to do it and with a narrative I get that there is a goal. So how do edit when there isn’t really a goal, when its just shots you want to compile together?


You can edit to music or look for a sort of visual flow within your video. The key word there is rhythm.
Then there’s even a thing (I’ve quite forgotten the name) where there’s just a cut after a predetermined amount of time, continuously.

I think it’s a lot about what feels right, if there’s no goal then that’s your only goal. So it’s very touchy feely.

If there’s no story then it doesn’t matter how you present it. It is at that point, as they say, your party.

Maybe you just want to cause an emotion or sensation. Use technique that evokes that. Use quick cuts and alternating colours to create high energy/confusion. Use long shots to make your audience think more about what they’re watching and maybe create a more trance-like experience even.
Want to express anger? Harsh colours, shake, quick cuts, (upset music), that’ll do it.
Want to express grief? Desaturation, long takes, slow transitions, what have you.

There’s a lot of elements that you can balance to create a compelling (audio)visual work. So play with it all, try to find that balance.